August Wrap-Up // 2019

Hi everyone, hope you are okay. Today I bring you my slightly late August Wrap-Up, sorry! I’ve just started a new job today and I’ve been feeling super anxious about it for a while so haven’t been focusing on much. But that’s out of the way so let’s talk books. So this month I was definitely in a romance mood because that was all I read (apart from the graphic novel). Also I didn’t read any YA books this month, which is really weird for me but overall it’s been successful!

*Also I’m sorry I forgot to take a pic of my wrap up – please forgive me!*

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June Wrap-Up // 2019

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. I feel like it’s been ages since I wrote a blog post, but it’s only been a week. So I only read one more book than I did last month but I’m so happy because I’m not in a reading slump anymore. I had DNF’ed a couple of books at the end of last month and wasn’t feeling very motivated to read but now I am thankfully back into it! And I have discovered what helps me in slumps – YA THRILLERS! They are so fast paced and easy to read and really got me back into reading this month. Anyway, enough rambling, here are the books I read in June:

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May Wrap-Up // 2019

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. Welcome to another disappointing wrap-up with yours truly. It appears that I am in a bit of a reading slump which I’m hoping ends soon! I just don’t feel motivated to read AT ALL and I have had to ditch Red, White and Royal Blue. I got nearly halfway but it’s not gripping me like I thought it would. I do hope to get back to it at some point so I’m not classing it as DNFing it just yet. I’ve decided to read something a bit shorter next and hopefully that brings me out of my slump. Anyway, on to the books that I actually read this month!

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