Life Update | I’m Back!

Hi guys, hope you are all well. Long time no see I know. It’s been a while, I honestly couldn’t even remember how to work this website. I thought I would do a tiny update on where I’ve been the past 8 months. If you’re not bothered haha it’s okay I will have a book related post soon.

When I started this blog a year ago I had just left work due to bad anxiety and panic attacks, which wasn’t a great time but this gave me something to do and I really enjoyed it. I had a sort of routine and schedule where I planned posts and it gave me something to do when I wasn’t leaving my house a lot. So in September last year I got a new job, well an apprenticeship but still it was a huge change for me. I went from doing nothing to working full time and it made me very anxious and just tired. That sounds a little pathetic but I was so tired on a night and I didn’t have a lot of motivation. It was good in one way because I was actually sleeping well for the first time in ages. Another reason why I didn’t post anything on Instagram and on here was that I was in a reading slump. I didn’t read anything for 3 months mainly due to work as well. Thankfully I am now out of my reading slump and I still managed to meet my Goodreads goal for 2019…just. Also on top of this I moved house in November but we were expected to move earlier so I packed my books quite early and they were in boxes longer than we thought. I still don’t think I would have read much anyway but it definitely meant that I couldn’t take pictures of my books for Instagram.

Anyway that’s the boring part over with, I am still at my job which I’m happy with and whilst I don’t particularly enjoy it, I have that routine and it’s helped with my anxiety a bit. I’m not at work currently of course due to the current circumstances so I do have a lot of time on my hands like I’m sure a lot of you do too. I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping occupied during isolation. I have recently bought a Nintendo switch so I have spent a lot of time on Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. On to happy topics! Do you have Animal Crossing? I’m in love with the graphics of the new game and if you are curious I have pears on my island and my first residents were Antonio and Mira. If you’re an Animal Crossing nerd like me, let me know what your favourite part of the new game is, I’d love to know. Mine is definitely the museum. It is so much better than in previous games and is just so aesthetically beautiful.

Now reading! I have definitely been reading more recently but since my slump I have been back into reading again. I have been listening to a lot more audiobooks and me and my dad have been listening to them in the car when we were going into work. We recently listened to the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo and I think both of us just got a bit fed up by the end. It definitely wasn’t as good as Six of Crows and it just dragged a bit too much for us. I read my first five star book in a long time recently and that was Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. I am currently reading Godsgrave and not enjoying it as much but it is still good. Nevernight was so much fun, I loved the plot and the characters and it just ripped my heart out at the end. Definitely a worth while read and I really hope that I feel the same about the other two books. What have you been reading recently? Any new favourites? My goal for the year is the same as last year being 35 books, I think I will be able to achieve it as long as I don’t have another 3 month slump haha.

So that’s it for my update! I’m excited to get back into reading blog posts and writing about all the bookish things! Let me know what you’ve been loving recently, bookish or not.

Stay safe everyone 🙂

Alisha x

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