Non-Bookish Favourites

Hi guys, hope you are all well, it’s been a while! I’ve been lacking creativity for this and Instagram recently but hopefully it’s just a minor slump and I’ll get a bit better at regularly posting again. Fortunately, I’m not currently in a slump when it comes to reading, which makes a change!

Anyway in today’s post I decided I’d share with you some things I’ve been loving over the past couple months. Like a monthly favourites but it has nothing to do with books and is in the middle of the month. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Video Games

Fallout 4 – Xbox One

I got this game so long ago and didn’t play it for ages because I suck at games like this. I get scared easily when something comes for me and can’t aim AT ALL. But in the past few months I have become obsessed with this game. I haven’t loved a video game this much in so long! I don’t even know what it is that I like so much but it is such a great game! Anyone who is looking for a new open world survival game, I’d definitely recommend trying this or the newer one.

Stardew Valley

The only other game I have been playing on my Xbox recently is Stardew Valley, which could not be more different to Fallout. This game reminds me a lot of Animal Crossing just with farming. It also has quite similar graphics to Terraria, which I don’t normally like but this game is so fun and cute. It’s very easy going, just you farming away and bobbing around the town completing quests for other villagers. If you are looking for a more relaxed game, this one is so great!

TV Shows

Derry Girls

I don’t watch a lot of TV shows because they’re normally so long and I’m quite impatient so I prefer watching movies. But after my sister binged Derry Girls and didn’t stop talking about it, I thought I’d give it a try. It is SO FUNNY! I’ve now become a tad obsessed and we have managed to convince our parents to watch it. It is so short and can easily be completed in one sitting. It is a sit-com that follows a group of girls (and one guy) attending an all girls catholic school in Derry in the 90s. Seriously such an easy, fun show to watch!

How I Met Your Mother

So I know this isn’t a new show and most of you have probably heard of it but I finished it a couple of months ago and I haven’t really watched much since so I thought I’d mention it. This is one of the only tv shows (with more than 2 seasons) that I have actually completed. I loved this show so much (although in my opinion, the ending SUCKED) and I would definitely rewatch it in the future. IT definitely has its flaws, (the last season) but overall it made me so happy and I was just super proud of myself for completing 9 seasons!!


My music tastes are quite random and it really does depend what mood I’m in. Recently I have become obsessed with modern musicals and normally have them on repeat. Saying that, the other genre that I love is rock music. Again, more modern rock rather than classic but still it depends what I’m feeling.


Wow I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this musical. There are only 9 songs and I wish it were so much longer! If you haven’t heard of this it is basically a musical about Henry the eighth’s six wives. It is performed in a concert format rather than a traditional musical and the music is very modern. Not to mention their costumes are so cool! (I’d recommending searching ‘megasix’ on YouTube to see what I mean :)) I hope to see this live one day but until then I will be constantly listening to the soundtrack!


Bridget Jones

This movie definitely isn’t a new favourite but I did recently rewatch all 3 movies and it made me realise how much I love Bridget Jones. These movies are just so British. I love the comedy and Bridget is such a funny character I could watch 3 more movies about her life. I have to say the third one definitely wasn’t my favourite but she still ends up with the right man in the end so that’s good. Also a side note I need a Mark Darcy in my life.


Okay okay, don’t judge me, I know this movie ain’t great. It is very cheesy and a bit dumb but there’s something about it that I just really enjoyed. I think it reminds me of a few years ago reading books like Anna and the French Kiss and other unrealistic not-so-great romances. I thought I wanted to read the books after watching this but from what I’ve heard of the books, I don’t think I’d like them. I’m pretty sure the movie differs quite a lot from the book and doesn’t seem like something I would like. So yeah, I acknowledge this movie is bad but I love it. Sorry not sorry 🙂

I think that’s about it for my non-bookish favourites. I actually enjoyed this post quite a lot and might do another one in the future. I don’t know, what do you think?

Thank you for reading 🙂

Alisha x

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6 thoughts on “Non-Bookish Favourites”

  1. Stardew Valley is so addicting!! I played so much of it when it first came out, and now I’m scared to go back to it because I just KNOW it’s going to eat up all my time. And ahhh I’m glad to hear you’re loving Fallout 4! Fallout and Skyrim are also guilty of sending me into addiction land. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For such a simple game, stardew valley is so addictive! I end playing for hours 😂 Yes fallout is my absolute obsession right now! My sister has Skyrim and it does look really good so I might have to get that one as well 😂


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